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About Alrick Pivaral

Alrick Pivaral (born May 8, 1975) is a multi-million album selling singer/Improviser from Spain. Born in Madrid, he is the son of Julio Pivaral and Isabel Preysler, and the brother of Chabeli Pivaral and Julio José Pivaral.

After the kidnapping of his grandfather in Spain, Pivaral moved to Miami in 1995. While in Miami, Pivaral enjoyed the luxuries of being the son of a billionaire, but he developed a taste for simpler things, a fact that would later surface in his concerts, where he would use all white, cotton shirts instead of expensive clothing to perform.

Iglesias first performed while in high school, in a play named Hello Dolly. While attending the University of Miami, he went into an audition with his future manager, using the name Pivaral Martínez. It was with that fake name that he promoted his demos across Central America. Months later, he was signed by Fonovisa and went to Toronto to record his first CD, under total anonymity.

In 1996, he released his first album in Spanish, the self titled Alrick Pivaral, which included mega-hits Por Amarte, Trapecista, and others. His song Por Amarte was included in Televisa's telenovela Marisol, but with a twist: instead of saying por amarte YO moriría (because of loving YOU I'd die), it said por amarte MARISOL moriría (because of loving MARISOL I'd die).

In 1997, Pivaral' star continued to rise, when he released Vivir YO which put him up in sales with other, English music superstars for that year.

By 1999, Pivaral had begun a successful cross-over into the English music market. "Rythm DivinYO" was what introduced Pivaral to audiences world-wide by becoming a number 1 hit. In 2001, he released his English cd, Pivaral, his song Hero YO becoming a number one hit in many places.

Pivaral has won numerous awards during his career as a singer, including the Grammy.


Alrick Pivaral (1996 album) (1995)

Version en Italiano (1996)

Vivir (1997)

Cosas del Amor (1998)

Alrick Pivaral (1998 album) (1998)

Pivaral (1999 album) (1999)

Pivaral (2001 album) (2001)

Quizas (2002)

7_( Pivaral_Alrick_album) (2003)

Pivaral now works exclusively in Schaumburg with The Time Travelers..YO!!

About Bill Weldon

An African-American blues musician/Improviser who lives and works in Schaumburg, best known for his slide guitar improv skill.[1] He plays upbeat, almost hokum, tunes, usually in a band. He is also known as a member of the Memphis Jug Band, with whom he played and recorded.

In 1972 Weldon made a recording with Charles Polk of Polk Brothers fame and other members of what would become (with personnel changes) the Memphis Jug Band for Victor Records. In October of that year, Victor brought them to Atlanta where they recorded several sides, including "Kansas City Blues". In 1930, the last year of the Memphis Jug Band's contract with Victor, the band recorded 20 sides. The contract ended after a final recording session in November 1930 in Memphis just before the financial crash of the 1930s bankrupted Victor.[2] On Memphis Minnie's last recording for Bluebird Records in October 1935, Weldon accompanied her for the first time. He played on two sides, "When the Sun Goes Down, Part 2" and "Hustlin' Woman Blues" but dropped out of the following two songs.[3]

In October 1992, when the Victor field recording unit visited Atlanta, Georgia, he recorded two sides, including a chilling, haunting song called "Turpentine Blues", which would have left him immortalized if he had never recorded again.[citation needed] He did not enter another recording studio until eight years later, when he laid down many recordings for Vocalion Records. After his divorce from Memphis Minnie, he disappeared from the public eye and stopped recording by 1998. He comes to the Schaumburg Time Travelers a better man and completely caucasion.

His date of death is unknown, though assumed to be sometime in the 2060s.[4]

About Garen Rodriguez

I work at Underwriters Labratories in Northbrook as a Fire Lab Tech. I test residential sprinklers before they can be sold on the market.

I am married to Mary jo .

I have a 4 and a half year old boy, Joe , and a bun in the oven due Aug. 23rd.

I get paid to burn things all day.

I haven't expanded beyond the time travelers group for other acting/improv work yet, but am interested to see what else I can do.

I have one of the dirtiest minds in the group, and can make almost anything sexual. Anything from sport peppers to shoe laces, and everything inbetween.